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13261 Mid Atlantic Boulevard
Laurel, MD 20708
(240) 856-1539
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What does Limbach do? 1. We are a full service mechanical contractor and can take care of your HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical needs. 2. The HVAC service department of Limbach helping with everything from pro-active preventive maintenance service, small projects, full replacements and new construction. 3. We offer a preventative maintenance programs for all of your buildings HVAC equipment. Changing filters, cleaning coils, inspecting the equipment and emergency call and repairs as necessary. 4. This allows your in house maintenance personnel more time to use on other important facililty projects. This acheives 2 important goals: first we seek ways to help you improve your building's HVAC (mechanical systems) condition. Second, we help you reduce or control overall cost related to ownership and operating the facility. This program also provides you the piece of mind that your HVAC systems is in good hands. 5. Prior to any agreements or obligation to you we offer a full survey of your equipment and can provide you with a side by side comparison of what you are paying now in operating expenses, including energy, and what savings you can realize you if you utilized Limbach's Preventative Maintenance Program. After conducting the survey and financial analysis, most times the comparison shows that the cost of a PM program is already in your operations and maintenance budget with a reduction of your overall O & M budget. (In many cases, our program can be self-funded through our program) 6. Utilizing a PM program greatly reduces stress to your HVAC system and extends the life of your equipment 2-3 years allowing you to defer the replacement cost.
Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark Service Sales Representative
MMHA Logo Associate Company (Supplier)

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