IREM RE3 2023 Leadership Series

Designed for the real estate professional, this 3 seminar Leadership Series will be offered both in-person and online for your convenience. Register for individual seminars, or for all 3 at a discounted rate!


Difficult Conversations

 Managing Emotions Under Pressure
 March 22, 2023
 10am - 12pm

Do you control your emotions or do your emotions control your behavior?  We all experience stressors at work, and we chose how to handle situations as they arise.   When faced with difficult situations, our reaction determines the outcome.

This seminar explores practices to assist with self-awareness, self-reflection and self-regulation. We will focus on understanding emotions, how to regulate emotion-driven actions from business environments and how to effectively communicate despite your personal feelings.

Effective Coaching graphicEffective Coaching

 Embracing Mistakes to Empower Your Team
 March 29, 2023
 10am - 12pm

To be human is to err. While we often want to avoid error, we sometimes forget to embrace the beauty of simple mistakes—we learn lessons.  Mistakes offer opportunities for a team to grow, re-evaluate processes as needed, and to learn; Most importantly, when team members are not afraid to take initiative and try new things without the fear of making a mistake, they become EMPOWERED.

This seminar offers practices and tools to enhance team performance through empowerment and redefining mistakes as learning opportunities. 

Think like a manager image Think Like a Manager

 April 5, 2023
 10am - 12pm 

You’ve been promoted, what’s next? We are often promoted into roles due to a stellar skill set, yet the hardest part of being a manager and/or leader is understanding that you are now accountable for the success of those around you.   In essence, becoming a manager entail giving your “power” away and working through a team. 

This seminar will encourage a shift in mindset.  A focus on accountability and embodiment of “big picture” thought processes. 


Candice Manning About the Instructor

 Candice Manning hosts over 20 years of sales experience working more than 15 years in the
 Property Management realm.  Leading teams as large as 28 and as small as 6, Candice is
 passionate about people and team development. Holding a degree in Speech
 Communication/Broadcasting, she has been able to utilize her background in communication to
 successfully master the craft of relationship building-reducing vacancies and increasing profit for multiple corporations.  Candice also employs her background to create and facilitate classes that enhance skills and drive results on the community. Simply put, she prides herself on creating classes that encourage a mindset to change behaviors and drive performance.