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CAM: Certified Apartment Manager

The onsite manager is a vital link between apartment residents and the community owners and investors.

CAM is scheduled 1 day a week for 6 weeks.

You must attend all dates in order to complete your credential. 

  This course begins on February 10th and

will be held on consecutive Wednesdays until March 17th.

Please Note:  This is a virtual class

Course includes: 

  • Industry Esentials
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing
  • Property Maintenance for Managers
  • Risk Management
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Human Resources
  • Resident Experience

CAM Prerequisites: CAM candidates must have worked in the apartment industry for at least 12 months (to be obtained during the candidacy period for CAM)

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CAS: Certified Apartment Supplier

Suppliers are important liaisons to the multifamily housing industry. This course is designed as an opportunity for suppliers to hear the everyday challenges faced by the apartment manager customer. The course is ideal for new salespeople as well as veterans of the industry.

This course will be held on selected dates simultanously with our CAM certification series. 

The dates for CAS are: 

Wednesday, February 10th

Wednesday, March 10th

Wednesday, March 17th

Course includes:

  • Resident Experience
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Risk Management
  • Industry Essentials
  • Financial Management

CAS Prerequisites: CAS candidates must have worked in the apartment industry for at least 12 months in a supplier role and have attended the Suppliers Success Course prior to receiving their certification.  

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CAMT: Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician

Non-Technical Courses include:

  • Inside the Apartment Business
  • People, Projects and Profits

Technical Courses include:

  • Electrical Maintenance and Repair
  • Plumbing Maintenance and Repair
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair
  • Appliances Maintenance and Repair
  • Interior and Exterior Maintenance and Repair

CAMT Certificate Prerequisites: Candidates must complete all seven CAMT modules (classroom delivered and online), pass the CAMT Online exam and have 12 months of apartment industry experience to receive their CAMT certificate. (CAMT students with less than 12 months of apartment industry experience may take the CAMT course but will not receive their certificate until they complete 12 months of industry experience.) The CAMT certificate has lifetime validity and certificate holders are not required to take continuing education credits or pay designation renewal dues.

 CAMT will be  held on consecutive Wednesdays, 9am - 5pm beginning August 19th through September 23rd.... EXCEPT Wednesday September 2nd.  There will be no class that day


CALP - Certified Apartment Leasing Professional

Formerly NALP

Please Note:  This is a virtual class

Leasing professionals are the first people prospective residents meet, and often their only gauge of the property staff. This course is designed to teach these professionals skills to help them become top producers.

CALP will begin on May 19th and held on consecutive Wednesdays until June 9th. 

Course includes:


    • Using technology to generate traffic
    • Measuring and managing your community’s reputation
    • Inspecting the leasing center, tour route, model units, and vacant apartments
    • Researching the competition and building relationships with competitors
    • Compiling a comprehensive community resource tool
    • Creating effective marketing plans
    • Relationship sales processes and evaluating your personal sales performance
    • Evaluating a prospect’s commitment level and overcoming objections
    • Preparing prospects for the next steps in the rental process
    • Applying fair housing law and communicating rental criteria
    • Qualifying prospective residents according to rental policy
    • Preparing and reviewing leases with new residents
    • Move-in processes
    • Responding to resident issues and maintenance requests
    • Building relationships with residents and creating a sense of community
    • Reporting incidents, maintaining documentation, and taking corrective action
    • Maximizing revenue and operational efficiency
    • Securing and processing lease renewals
    • Conducting a market survey

CALP Requirements: Must have worked in the apartment industry for at least six months (this can be obtained while taking the course); successfully completed the eight courses listed above (which total 25 hours) and meet all examination requirements within 6 months of declaring candidacy for CALP.

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CAPS: Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor 

NAAEI’s Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS) program is an in-depth review of property management principles and techniques as used by the professional supervisor. The course helps the professional make the connection between knowledge and on-the-job performance.  CAPS training is a week long classroom training event with five, eight-hour courses.

CAPS will begin TBD

Course includes:

  • Industry Essentials
  • Financial ManagementMarketing
  • Property Maintenance
  • Risk Management
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Human Resource Management
    Resident Experience

CAPS Prerequisites: CAPS Candidates must have worked as a multi-site supervisor for 24 months or have your CAM designation in good standing and 24 months of management experience. 

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