Maintenance Appreciation Day 

Join us in December for MMHA’s newest tradition, Maintenance Appreciation Day! Formerly known has Maintenance Mania, MMHA has changed up this annual competition.  This event now is not only a chance for maintenance technicians to compete against each other in skill-based games built around common maintenance activities; it’s a day to celebrate our service teams. Every year MMHA continues to be blown away by how supportive our management companies are of their maintenance professionals as they sweat through seven different games and the race car competition. The stands are always filled with “fans” that show their support through themes, we’ve see everything from Elvis to Star Wars, and we love it! We thought, why not keep this party going? After the conclusion of the games we have now added more entertainment! Come and celebrate our maintenance techs with us! 

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“Maintenance Appreciation day is one of the truly great things MMHA does, a day that celebrates the unsung heroes of our industry the service team professionals.  The day includes NAA’s Maintenance Mania competition, fun and food!”

-SAW Walper, Professional Restorations 

Check out the photos from our 2022 Maintenance Appreciation Day below!