Attorney General & Access to Justice Task Force Update

Posted By: Aaron Greenfield Member Outreach ,

Earlier this year, Attorney General Frosh assembled an “Access to Justice Task Force” to​ develop strategies and solutions addressing the civil legal challenges facing ​Marylanders in the wake of COVID-19. This Task Force is comprised of a number of committees including Consumer Protection, Housing Security, Policy and Race Equity and Pro-Bono and Reduced Fee Legal Services.  MMHA has been following the Housing Security Task Force. 

Today Attorney General Brian Frosh sent a letter to Governor Larry Hogan urging an ongoing, dedicated, line-item appropriation for civil legal aid (including for eviction prevention). We fully expect that the Attorney General will be advocating for legislation during the 2021 Maryland General Assembly session to significantly increase filing fees on failure to pay rent actions for purposes of providing a right to counsel for residents. As this unfolds, we will continue to keep our members updated.

You can view the combined recommendations of the Task Force's Housing Security Committee here.