Gables Residential plans for their 17th annual Gables Day

Posted By: Katie Lindner (deleted) Member Outreach ,

Gables Residential is planning their annual Gables Day, which is celebrating its 17th anniversary this year.  The day is an annual company event where each region across the country provides service and volunteerism to a local organization. Last year the Gables associates in the DC Region teamed up with the United Way NCA for their second annual Project Homeless Connect to help over 350 of our neighbors in the DC area experiencing homelessness. They served meals, distributed donated clothing items, and helped guide participants through the many providers that offered their services at the event. One hundred and forty-two Gables associates volunteered over 1,140 hours to complete the project on Wednesday, October 19th.

This year the DC Gables Day will be held on Wednesday, October 4th. The DC Gables associates will be teaming up with America’s Adopt a Soldier and the Homeless Veterans Housing of DC.  

Thank you for you kind spirit and generosity Gables Residential!