MMHA Responds to The Baltimore Sun's Slanted Investigative Series On Rent Court & Rent Escrow Court

Posted By: Tommy Tompsett (deleted)

Believing that The Baltimore Sun wrote the title to their "investigative series," Dismissed: Tenants Lose, Landlords Win in Baltimore City Rent Court, before properly collecting and analyzing the true facts and procedures of rent court and rent escrow court, MMHA sent our perspective to the Sun Papers.  As you can see from the Op-ed, MMHA, who represents 183,000 residential rental units statewide and almost 40,000 rental units in the City of Baltimore, actively communicated with the authors of the investigative series before it was published, but the authors unfairly dismissed the facts MMHA provided for they did not fit the title of the Sun's series.  As we say in our opinion piece, however, "You be the judge."

MMHA Op-Ed response can be found here.