Rent Collection During COVID-19: NAA & NMHC Recommendations

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MMHA has compiled a list of rent collection suggestions from NAA and NMHC:

  • NMHC Statement
    •  the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), on behalf the 40 million Americans who call an apartment home and the 17.5 million jobs the industry supports, recommends apartment firms consider adopting the following principles to help America’s renters retain their housing during this crisis. 
      • Halt evictions for 90 days for those who can show they have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. (This would not apply to evictions for other lease violations such as property damage, criminal activity or endangering the safety of other residents of the community.)
      • Avoid rent increases for 90 days to help residents weather the crisis.
      • Create payment plans for residents who are unable to pay their rent because of the outbreak and waive late fees for those residents.
      • Identify governmental and community resources to help residents secure food, financial assistance and healthcare and share that information with residents.
      • Communicate to residents that it is a priority for the industry to partner with them to help them retain their housing.
      • Develop a response plan for potential COVID-19 exposure.”
  • NAA COVID-19 Operational Guidelines
    • “Collecting Rent — While rent collection should be continued in accordance with your lease agreement, we ask that you recognize that some residents have been or will be financially impacted by COVID-19 and you may consider working with those residents on alternate payment schedules, considering waiving late fees and providing financial resources to residents where applicable. To prevent continued exposure, residents should be encouraged to pay rent online if applicable at their community. Employees should handle all money collection with disposable gloves and wash their hands accordingly. If the leasing office is closed, a drop box or other method for money collection should be available for residents.”
  • NAA webinar with rent collection recommendation: