MMHASTA - CFC Class & Certification Test - AM

Wednesday, January 31, 2024
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM (EST)
13 Seats Remaining
13 Seats Remaining

Who Must Be Certified?

Any person that services Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning (MVAC) must be certified. Servicing of motor vehicle air conditioning includes repairs, leak testing, and "topping off" of air conditioning systems low on refrigerant, as well as any other repair to the vehicle that requires dismantling any part of the air conditioner.

Test Format:

The certification test contains 50 multiple-choice questions. All of the information necessary for the technician to achieve a passing score on the certification test is contained within this manual. The certification test will contain a variety of questions from each of the topics covered.

Training and Certification:

Technician training and certification are not intended to test skills necessary to diagnose problems with, or to repair, motor vehicle air conditioners. Rather, training and certification teach and test technicians on how to properly recover and recycle refrigerant, appropriate handling of refrigerants, the law, and why it must be done to protect the stratospheric ozone layer. 

1/2 Day Training includes:

  • Overview/Testing


Member Price:  $150
Non-Member Price:  $300
STA Class Pass: $99

*Per EPA rules, doors will be locked once the class begins.  Please be on time! 

**No refunds will be given for those who are late. 

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13 Seats Remaining
13 Seats Remaining
Instructed by Dennis Allen,
Director of Service Training, MMHA Service Training Academy

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Offering over 20 years of multifamily experience, Dennis Allen is the heart and soul of the Service Training Apprenticeship.

Born and raised on the west side of Baltimore, Dennis struggled in school. Being young and inexperienced at life, he made one bad decision after another until he was fed up with where and who he was. He wanted more for his life; however, he just didn’t know how to obtain it.

Wanting a change, he applied for a position as a grounds tech and knew it was his chance to begin a real career. He poured EVERYTHING he had into his new responsibilities; he was the first one there, and the last to leave. After a lot of hard work and climbing slowly up the ranks he was offered a Service Manager position. After being there for a few years, his service team won the ‘Team-of-the-Year’ award three years in a row, and he was rewarded the ‘Service Manager Red Carpet Award.’

He was promoted after being a Service Manager for sixteen years to become a corporate trainer with that same management company. This is where he helped men & women in the apartment industry learn and grow within their profession. When the opportunity arose to be a part of the MMHA family and to lead an innovate training program, he was humbled and excited. He found his true love and passion in life at the STA.

Training is stimulating for him, he understands the different challenges that people have when learning and he wants to make a difference--not just in the classroom but in life as well. Dennis believes that even if people screw-up and lose their way they can find themselves with passion, hard work, and dedication because anything and everything is possible. 

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April Clements

April Clements